About Me

I am a wife, mother, and photographer. That is the way life works best for me. I have been capturing my families memories for the past ten years and decided sometime ago to start capturing other families memories. I love meeting new families and getting to know each one of them personally. Being invited to watch them connect, love, and have fun with each other is such a great gift. I want your session to be enjoyable, stress free, and fun. I want your photos to show who you and your family are and the love you have for each other. To be able to go back years from now and remember your child's sweet smile, or the way your loved ones eyes sparkle, is my gift to you. You can see a more complete portfolio, or e-mail me by clicking on the links below. I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making changes...

I figured it was time to come over and do a final post. I am moving things around and giving things a shake. I have decided I needed a new business name and have been working on some really neat new stuff. So, this will be my last post under Privette Hall. I can not wait to unleash all the new stuff and start a brand new year. May God be with you all through out your day and all your days to come.
You can follow the links listed below to get me. I am still using the same fickr address and photobucket address, but that all will be changing in a month or so as well.

link to new blog: http://jcolephotography.blogspot.com/

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nope, this one is not another “catching up” post either. I am still planning on finishing that up, but here lately God has been laying certain things on my heart. I am not one to ignore what God has to say when he is speaking to me. Last night as I was looking through all of my pictures, I realized how special some people truly are. Theses are the people who leave foot prints all over your soul. They know your thoughts, they laugh with you, cry with you, and love with you. You share your stories, your faults, your hopes and dreams with them. You realize that no matter where life takes you, that in the end you will still have that person right beside you.

You see, out of all the wonderful blessings I have in my life I was not blessed with a sister. I think all women long for that companionship that only having a sister can bring. God placed my “sister” in my path several years ago and I knew from that very moment that he had given me a true blessing. She is an amazing person. Someone that I connect with on so many levels, someone that I can share anything with, and someone whom I love dearly, just like a sister should be loved. We have been able to raise our children together, sharing in each and every mile stone as mothers do. We have relied on one another when there was no one else to count on. We have spent many long hours discussing the wonders of the world and then there were the not so great things we discussed. J We have sought out each others opinions, advice, and views countless times. Our relationship is a stress free, safe, and comfortable place to hide! Not only is she an amazing mother and wife, she is an amazing photographer (yes, another thing we share).

Her work brings to life the things rarely seen. She has an eye for the beauty around her and captures it forever with the lens of her camera. So I guess my point with this was for one to tell her in a way her and I both would understand how much she means to me and to make others look around and realize what special people you have around you. Surround your self with people you love and love you back. It makes things so much easier. Life is too short to be unhappy. Tell those around you how much they mean, don’t just say the words, but show them how much they are loved.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Clone Troopers, Jedi, and Cowgirls.......Oh my!

I wanted to go ahead and do this post before time slipped away and it just seemed pointless to do it. We live so far out that when Halloween comes around we only buy candy for our selves. Oh, don't worry the kids still get to dress up, get candy, and get to scream the saying "Trick-or-Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat". We choose a few close relatives and also the few neighbors that we have and go trick-or-treat them. Luckily for us this year my best friend and her family were at the same place, so that we got to see all the kids. (My best friend is married to my husbands 1st cousin, so that is why we are sisters......makes all kinds of sense, right??) Anyway, here are a few of the photos I snapped of the kids. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. Now the count down to Christmas begins!!! YEAH!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sleepless nights

I decided tonight that I didn’t want to do a “catching up” post. I wanted to relay all my thoughts, enlightenments, and love with all of you. I guess I thought by writing it down and remembering all of it as a whole would make it last a little longer. I have spent the last few nights with little to no sleep. I would love to say that all of those sleepless nights were for a good reason, but no not really. Until last night, I was actually thankful for last night’s long hours. Not the fact that my baby was sick but that I was there to hold, kiss, and rock that sick baby and make him feel better. I got to hold the now three year old that barley stops most days to even let me touch him much less just sit and hold him. But last night, in the dark with only the moonlight touching his little head, did I get to reveal in the fact that no one but me would do. That sleeping against me was the only sleep there was. As I sat there awake listening to him breath and feeling that little breath against my neck I remembered the first time I meet him, the first time I held him, and the first time we spent a night just such as this one, where only mommy would do. No, I do not like when my little ones are sick, but like most other mommies I like being needed. I like knowing that I am the one who has the magic kisses. That I am the only one who can hold them and rock them just the right way that they can find the rest they need. However through all of this I did realize how quickly their time as babies is slipping away. There are so many things I want for them, dreams that I want them to achieve, but for right now, just a brief few more years I just want them to be my babies. I am still my mother’s baby, even at almost 30, so I know that no matter their age, they will still be my babies, but my time of kissing boo-boos, rocking to sleep and singing the perfect lullabies are limited. So for now I will cherish and hold dear to my heart any sleepless nights I get to hold my babies. I will cherish those brief moments when a simple hug is all that is needed and I will hold dear those whispered words, of mommy I love you. Those are the things I will never forget and that make it all worth while.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The baseball player and the ballerina

Gosh these two are just too cute for words. I got to do boy stuff with Sam and then princess things with Miss Rylie. I am used to all things boy, but the girly stuff was such a fun thing for me. We brushed hair, played dress up, danced like ballerinas, sang till our hearts were content, and of course rolled around in the grass for a while. Their mom was wonderful to just turn them over to me. Joy I hope you love these pictures of your babies as much as I do. I look forward to many more sessions to come and being able to capture your babies growing up. Love to you all.

Kelly & Keldon

Keldon played t-ball with my oldest this past season and I had the pleasure of becoming friends with his wonderful mom Kelly. Kelly is one of the nicest people I know. You will never see Kelly not smiling. She is one of those people that make you want to smile also. Her son Keldon is a great little guy. He has such a great sense of humor. I knew before we got started what I wanted out of our session and when we were done, I knew we had gotten it. Kelly and Keldon, thanks so much for being willing to do what ever I asked. I greatly appreciate your time and energy. I can’t wait to point my camera at your beautiful faces again. I am looking forward to our fall session. Thanks again.

Kelly Kelly & Keldon Keldon Keldon & Kelly Kelly & Keldon

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shy Amber

Boy my family has been good to me. This is my other cousin. I have beautiful cousins as you all have seen. They have all been such sports to entertain me and let me practice on them. I love showing them off, because not only are they all beautiful, but they are kind, loving, and generally good hearted people. It amazes me that I was just eight when Amber was born. She was always my pretend baby while I was growing up. I have had the pleasure of watching them all grow and change. They have all made such amazing adults. Amber, well she’s the shy one. She is soft spoken just like my aunt, but you can tell by her smile that more lies underneath. When I look at her beautiful face I know that she is going to make a dent in this world and do great things.